• Corporate Technical Training

    Our skilled trainers deliver practical skills that will be manifested in better performance right through to your bottom line, such that the enterprise keeps pace with the changes.

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  • Consulting & Enterprise Solutions

    Our Consulting & Enterprise Solutions improve productivity, reduce business complexities and costs and enhance business value and competitiveness.


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  • "Metamorphe" Soft Skills Division

    Soft Skills Training Programs at Coalesce caters every need of our clients with a blended learning approach that covers a wide range      of topics.

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  • Facilitation Practice Group

    FPG provides Services on trainings, webinars, hosted environments and online examinations. It's the state of the art facility to meet the Global Standards.

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welcome coalesce technologies pvt ltd

Coalesce Technologies specializes in Corporate Training Services and Technology Consulting.

Training and consulting firm that specializes in improving our client’s business performance through comprehensive and integral development of individuals, teams and the organisations.

Ever since its inception in 2002, Coalesce has been committed to providing Total Client Satisfaction on higher-end platforms through Total Quality. In today’s largely impersonal business environment, Coalesce, with it’s firmly ingrained corporate philosophy of ‘Responsible Relationships’, remains committed to its clients till they attain self sufficiency. With a rapidly growing network of branches in India and overseas, Coalesce has built up an impressive Client-base of Corporations.

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Why Coalesce ?

  • Business Insights
  • Speed of Delivery
  • Deep Management Talent
  • The Experience of Coalesce
  • Extensive database of learning practices
  • Highly Motivated Team
  • Proven Track Record

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