Our Facility has been created to meet the growing demands of the Industry.

It is a ‘State-of-the-Art Facility, to meet the Global Standards’. “Coalesce believes in speaking the customer's language”.

The Facility will cater to the Growing Demand in External Training Labs for your Technology Trainings. A dedicated Softskills Room, designed to meet Corporate Expectations. It has UPS, Genset, Machines with latest Configuration. A Spacious Cafeteria And ample Parking Space for Free.

Facilitation Practise Group: Our FPG Team Provided the following Services

  • Training Facilitation
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Online Examinations
  • Hosted Environments
  • Webinars
Class Environment
  • All Classrooms have excellent ambience.
  • The Rooms are very spacious for participants and trainer to move around.
  • The environment is delightfully pleasant, comfortable and noise free.
  • Classes have comfortable Chairs with ample Leg Space for the Participants.
  • The rows are arranged in a pavilion manner for better visibility for the participants.
  • Wall-mounted Split Air conditioners with Low Noise and comfortable temperature.
  • The room is well lit with twin tubes & fittings with mirror optic & anti glare effect.
  • Adequate Space for the instructor with a PC and Wall Mounted LCD Projector.
  • Softskills Room has Flip Chart Board, Round Tables, Speakers and space for Games.
Hardware & Networking
  • High-end Intel Core 2 Duo Systems with 1GB RAM up to 8 GB RAM on request.
  • All servers and Computers are connected in the LAN using Layer-2 switches.
  • All equipment's are brand new and supported by dependable round the clock 
  • Dedicated in-house systems administrator is always available on call
  • UPS -100 % power supply with One Hour back-up time
  • Generator -100% diesel generator for complete power back for the facility
  • Projector -Ceiling Mounted with anti-glare screen
  • OHP & White board with clean fresh surface
  • Broadband Internet connectivity, Optional
Office Environment
  • Spacious Cafeteria: Exclusive space with good ambience for serving meals and refreshments for the participants. Food served with the help of professional caterers.
  • Rest rooms: Independent rest rooms for ladies and gents. They are well maintained with utmost hygiene level, adequately spaced with continuous availability of water and toiletries. 
  • Parking: Free-parking facility, available for participants with Ample Space for Two wheelers and Cars.
  • Safety: Fire fighting equipment provided with designated and trained personnel to coordinate during any kind of emergency.