goals and beliefs

Coalesce Technologies is one of the largest and most forward-thinking learning services providers in the world, delivering more than 10 million hours of training globally each year. Providing a full range of learning services–from content development to learning management–each solution is designed to meet specific client needs.

Using our innovative approach, we work with organizations to establish a clear and ongoing link between learning investments and business results.

Our deep industry knowledge, patented learning processes and technologies and proven global delivery capabilities uniquely position Coalesce Learning to help organizations convert their learning investments into business performance.

Our Mission
To be a leading learning Services provider making a difference to its customers through distinctive quality and unparalleled service.

Goals, Values and Beliefs
Coalesce has constantly endeavoured to optimize the technology operations of the customer be it cost savings, qualitative deliverables on time, or quick response in service support.

Our vision is to become the recognized industry leader in Learning Services

Customer service exceeding expectations as we meet our customer's needs in the Learning Services Industry. We accomplish this by providing information and resources to them that help them transform learning investments into Business Performance. Our goals are accomplished by the commitment of every employee.

Core Values and Beliefs
Coalesce grows with people and technology by providing extraordinary customer service, meeting our customer's needs with our suppliers and business partners in the Learning Service Industry.

Accountability: Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action in resolving customer service issues to ensure our customers' satisfaction.

Doing What’s Right: Doing what’s right is being honest, ethical, and having personal and professional integrity. It means consistently treating all people fairly, delivering on promises, and taking personal responsibility for your actions.

Quality: Deliver competitive, outstanding service to our customers trust with assured delivery of services on time.

Teamwork: Encourages employees to involve and work as a team to achieve the goals and does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.